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Learn | Drone Photography with @damien_do

What is drone photography?

Drone photography is aerial photography taken by a drone, from a birds eye view. It achieves angles the average human couldn't (I mean, unless you're 300 feet tall).

Who is the expert?

@damien_do. Damien's feed is a mix of his worldwide journeys, and his home life in NYC. The drone shots give his followers a unique view into his travels.

What is their advice?

"What I like about drones is that they can take your photographs literally to the next level. They allow you to capture brand new angles on familiar subjects. I don’t consider myself as a drone expert to be honest. I’ve just got my hands on the DJI Mavic only 2 months ago but I’ve been reading a lot about drones since the appearance of the DJI Phantom. My top 3 pieces of advice to any aerial photography enthusiasts would be to always shoot in RAW, to shoot in 16:9 and of course... to have multiple batteries! After that, the biggest part is to experiment and discover new angles."

How can I do it?

Firstly, you're going to need a drone camera. Unfortunately, this isn't a quick and easy tip, I know. But if you do decide to invest, you should choose bright, sunny days to shoot, and obviously the cooler setting, the better (so remember to bring it on your holidays with you!).

Thanks, Damien!