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Learn | Fashion Styling for Over 40's with @iwontwearsludgebrown

When we compliment women, we always caveat the 'you look great' with '-for your age!'. Coincidentally, we don't do this with men. If a man looks great at 60, he's heralded as 'getting better with age', or 'ageing like fine wine' - or something equally stupid.

But fashion bloggers, like Donna of @iwontwearsludgebrown, who specifically cater their content to the over 40's market, are combatting this stigma. Donna shows us how you don't have to accomodate outfits to look good 'for your age', and you certainly aren't bound to frumpy shops and styles once you hit 40. Instead, Donna demonstrates how her youthful style looks incredible at any age. I asked her for her top styling tips.

Don’t be afraid to mix a younger fashion item with classic pieces.

A blazer is a great wardrobe staple. It can be worn year round and is ideal for smartening up a pair of jeans and t-shirt while still retaining age appropriateness.

Wear a column of colour to create a sophisticated silhouette, a pair of capri trousers and top in black for example and then add a pop of colour by way of a jacket or handbag to pull the whole outfit together.

The secret to a versatile, very wearable wardrobe is to concentrate on building up a core of neutral colours such as navy, charcoal, tan, soft white, beige and black. You can freshen up your look each season by adding a few trend colours. Your wardrobe will always look current without having to start all over again.

Thanks so much, Donna!