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Learn | Fashion Styling with @sineadcrowe

What is Fashion Styling?

Some days you might throw on any outfit, and other days you might carefully decide what you're going to put on - which colours go best together, the shape of the clothes, which accessories, shoes, jewellery would look best, what looks most suitable for the day's events, how others perceive your outfit, but also how much you like your outfit. Congratulations, you are fashion styling.

What is it used for?

The fashion industry is big, big, big business. The womenswear industry alone is valued at $621 billion globally. Those clothes don't sell themselves, fashion stylists are integral to making the clothes - and the people wearing them - look their absolute best.

How do I style fashion?

Play. Find what feels good for you. Do your research; what new trends do you like at the moment? You might realise you've been subconsciously fashion styling for much longer than you think.

Who is the expert?

Sinead Crowe knows fashion. Starting off her career as a fashion buyer, she started blogging two years ago, went full time in December, and hasn't looked back since. With over 46k followers on Instagram, and a burgeoning Youtube channel, she is quickly becoming the go to source for all things fashion, with lookbook videos, tips, high street vs. high end finds and much more.

What's their advice?

My top tip would be to not OVER style something. I'm all about keeping a look simple and clean and often I see people and think, you'd look so much better if you took one thing off. I think it's all about learning when enough is enough. You don't HAVE to have every accessory going hanging off of you!

Want to know more?

Follow Sinead, or visit her website lovestylemindfulness.co.uk.

Chelsea Carter

Chelsea Carter

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