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Learn | Landscape Photography with @teresacfreitas

What is landscape photography?

Landscape photography is the act of taking pictures of nature. This can mean rolling hills, sea and sky, and fields of flowers. It's basically photos of natural scenes that make you say 'wow'.

Who is the expert?

@teresacfreitas. Teresa takes the most mind boggling landscape photos. A brief scroll of her feed makes you wonder all sorts of things; how did she take that picture? Where in the world is she? How is the sky pink?

How can I do this?

I caught up with her to find out her top landscape photography tips.

Look for uncluttered landscapes to achieve a minimal look. The fewer elements an image contains, the more impact it’s likely to have.

Include plenty of sky, it's just as important as what's beneath it!

Find a focal point - a natural structure, something man-made or a person. Our eyes like to be immediately drawn to something specific.

Thanks, Teresa!