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Learn | Seasonal Styling with @hanbullivant

What is seasonal styling?

Seasonal styling is updating your home's interiors based on the season. This doesn't mean an entire home re-furb every time the weather changes, it's just small touches over the home that make the ambience feel more in tune with the outside world. Think adding a moss coloured throw to your sofa in autumn, a wreath in winter and light coloured linen in the dining room for summer.

Who is the expert? What is their advice?

I am an event and interiors stylist and I am really inspired by whats happening outside. I love celebrating all the seasonal changes and celebrations and I also love any excuse for a party! September is a month of change; the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn. Back to school fever hits and we get ready for the colder months. Autumn holds some wonderful festivals and celebrations, features glorious colours and we get ready to cosy up indoors.

I love to bring evidence of whats happening outside, indoors. In Autumn this takes the form of beautiful leaves, sometimes strung up in a garland, sometimes just stuck to the wall. Twigs, sticks, conkers and pumpkins all look lovely in oversize jars or vases, or dotted around the house. Candles add magic whwrerever they’re placed- and don’t forget places like the kitchen and bathroom too.

How can I do this?

The start of the colder months need not be cause for doom and gloom. Use it as an excuse change things round in your home and create a cosy nest. Don’t mindlessly follow trends. Rather, pick out pieces that really speak to you, that feel good; that will make your house feel more like home, more like you. That way, being indoors over the colder months will feel luxurious and nourishing, rather than confining. Refresh or swap pictures, swap lighter fabrics for heavier ones, move furniture around. Have a big clear out and deep clean. Invest in a pair of new slippers, or a new blanket or sheepskin (or 5. ahem). Light candles at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Lay the table with the nice crockery and linen. Cook nourishing food and invite friends over. These are the things that will make Autumn and winter magical, rather than grey and dreary.

Thanks, Hannah!