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We’re constantly looking for ways to engage and give back to our creative community, whether it be articles on Studio or Perks in our influencers’ inboxes. So we’ve been developing several new projects with a view to supporting our creators and working directly with the talented community that sits at the heart of our industry.

Campus, our exclusive toolkit for influencers, has had a revamp, and we’re now launching our very own hashtag - #ObjectProject!

The aim of the #ObjectProject is to challenge our creative community to practise working to a simple brief: Incorporating a new object into an image each fortnight.

The project provides a space for our creators to grow and perfect their content under the guidance and expertise of some of our leading influencers. Each Campus video profiles a new creative and challenges them to take their own #ObjectProject image, before judging the week's creations and sharing the winner.

To kick things off, Emma Harris, of @aquietstyle, takes on #ObjectProject_Flowers, sharing some her knowledge of still life, floristry and beyond.

Hashtags can be a minefield at the best of times, but Emma has managed to successfully curate not one but two - #GatheredStyle and #AQuietStyle, garnering 200,000 and over 600,000 submissions respectively. Overseeing and maintaining influence in their evolution has been no mean feat, so we felt who better to launch #ObjectProject! For inspiration why not pop over to Pinterest to see our #ObjectProject Brief Board.

We can't wait to see your creations, so head to Instagram to join in with #ObjectProject_Flowers. And if you're an influencer with Whalar, be sure to sign in to your account to watch Emma’s Campus video. If you're not signed up as an influencer, but want a sneak peak of Emma's video, have a watch of the trailer below.

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