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Why Influencer Marketing Should be a Piece of Cake

Every brand nowadays should be engaging with influencers - no matter what you do or create. Very simply the two main reasons you would do this is to create awesome content at a low price and to get eyeballs on your brand.

One-off collaborations should be a thing of the past. It doesn't serve the influencer well and it doesn't serve the brand well. To look authentic you need to choose your army of brand ambassadors carefully and start to create what I call an ‘influencer cake’.

Let me explain my cake analogy.

To start, you need some layers of sponge which will be our markets.

Let's say in this case you have 3 markets: the UK, the US and Germany. And let’s say you would like to engage 20 influencers in each market. Next step is you have to choose 60 influencers carefully by looking at their feeds, their audience demographics, location etc. Then, you are going to engage with them in order to get a piece of content every couple of months for the year.

If you engage 60 influencers once every couple of months, then that is 360 pieces of content being created over the year. You can now use those 360 pieces of content throughout the year in your social media campaigns, paid ad campaigns - and if you really like a piece of content you may even want to take it offline and put it on a billboard in Times Square.

All of this is possible but you will want some variety. You can't have a good cake with sponge alone... so let’s add some jammy layers to this cake in the form of different types of content. Just a plain old static image will often not perform as well as other forms of content so lets make sure within your pool of 60 creators you have videographers, people who can create cinemagraphs, stop-motion video, vertical video etc. Ideally you want a few of these in each market.

Now you have the sponge and the jammy layers, what about some icing? How about on top of all of this engagement and content you make sure these 60 brand ambassadors attend events you are holding in your 3 markets. Have these influencers fall in love with your brand, give them a factory tour, let them know about the new products you are launching, get their opinions on your new packaging design, where do they think the market is going and what should you be creating next?

Make them fall in love with your brand and let them outwardly express this love to their audience.

Finally lets throw some strawberries on top (who doesn't love a strawberry) - these represent every time you have a new product launch or activation and you will want an extra push across social and some more content for your website etc. So you engage an extra 10 influencers each time across the markets to give everything a little boost.

And there you have it. This is quite a small cake but it will last you a year, and I think it looks pretty tasty! If you need help making your cake (or eating it) then give us a shout at Whalar.com.

P.S. All of this limited knowledge is from watching Bake Off.

James Street

James Street

Co-Founder, Whalar