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Why Liberating the Creative Voice is Great For Brands

When we launched Whalar, a little under 2 years ago, our sole focus was solving the pain points of influencer marketing.

It was a somewhat simple mission. One driven solely through insights from our own startup consumer brands and knowing the commercial success that could be gained from the right collaborations with the right influencers.

As we kick off 2018, I’m genuinely humbled by the fact that our somewhat simple mission has morphed into something that we hope will prove to be a very powerful vision; Liberating the Creative Voice.

In today’s fast moving world, even the best agencies can be overwhelmed by technological change. Yet that same technology is a large part of the answer, and our chairman, Sir John Hegarty, sums it up far more eloquently than I ever could;

'technology enables opportunity but it’s creativity that creates value and there has never been a more exciting time to be in advertising’ and we couldn't agree more.

Today there are far more creative voices than ever before. Modern technology hasn’t just unlocked creativity, but it’s given it a platform to be shared and discovered. Your upbringing, location, race, gender, orientation, age, social status…none of these things matter anywhere near as much as they did before when it comes to the opportunity to express ones creative voice…it has been democratized.

Talking Whalar for a moment, influencers, or creators with influence as we like to call them, are representative of this technology enabled opportunity; the adoption of a nimbler operating system, more inclusion of diverse creative voices and enabling the scale of work needed for today’s evermore personalized and fast moving world of marketing.

Over 60% of the influencers on Whalar are female, our youngest influencer is 18 and our oldest is 70. They come from all walks of life and are not confined to the walls of agency or brand teams which, whilst often wonderful walls, they can put in place limitations and a disconnect with audiences.

Our creative influencers resonate so clearly with their audiences because they are truly representative of them. Living, experiencing and telling stories in the world beyond the walls in a way that relates with those that follow them.

As Sir John puts it:

‘Whalar adds a new kind of creativity and access that helps brands communicate with audiences. Opportunities like this just didn't exist 10 years ago.’

Anyone in the last 20 months who’s asked me what was the long term goal for Whalar was always met with an ‘We honestly don’t fully know yet’. From a simple starting mission we’ve found ourselves in the midst of an advertising world we knew nothing about. We’ve just remained focused on trying to deliver great work, whilst absorbing everything else going on around us.

We now have that goal, we now have that clarity and a mission that started with solving our own pain points has morphed into a vision to help solve some of the wider industry challenges:

To help democratize creativity, giving more individuals the opportunity to express their creative voice and helping create better advertising by assisting brands and agencies in embracing technology…..to Liberate the Creative Voice.

Neil Waller

Neil Waller

CEO and Co-Founder, Whalar